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Joan - The Musical!

Musical Numbers:

1. Prologue/ Battle 1
2. Something About Her
3. Choice
4. Chinon Waltz
5. Charles' Song
6. Miracle!
7. Called
8. Standoff
9. O Men of France
10. Joan's Prayer
11. Battle 2
12. Bishop Cauchon Isn't Bought
13. Claim Your Kingdom
14. Fanfare
15. Benedictus
16. Coronation Hymn (End of Act 1)

17. Entracte
18.It's All True
19. Do You Know?
20. Battle 3
21. Bishop Cauchon Reprise
22. Inquisition!
23. The Charges
24. Flames/ One Little Lie
25. Martyrdom/ Called
26. Epilogue
27. Exit Music.

Dance - Chesspieces/Soldiers
Polly, Village Girls
Joan, Isabelle
Court (Chorus)
Charles, Chorus/Choir
Marie, Regnault, Court (Chorus)
Joan, Charles
Joan, Dunois
Joan, Troops (Chorus)
Joan, Dancers (Ballet)
Dance - Joan,Chesspieces/ Soldiers
Bedford, Isabella, Cauchon
Joan, Charles, Chorus
Cantors, Chorus

Marie, Gillies, Ladies of Court
Charles, Chorus/Choir
Dance - Joan, Chesspieces/ Soldiers
Bedford, Isabella, Cauchon, Pole
Cauchon, d'Estivet, Executioner, Monks (Chorus)
d'Estivet and Monks (Chorus)
Cauchon, Joan
Charles, Joan, Ensemble


Parts are available for the following instruments/sounds:
Pianos 1 and 2, Electric Piano, Pipe Organ, Harpsichord, Keyboard Voice, Celesta, Harp, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums and Percussion, Timpani, Flutes 1 and 2, Clarinet, Alto and Tenor Saxophones, French Horn, Oboe, Trumpets 1 and 2, Trombone, Keyboard Brass, Violin, Warm Strings, Synth. Strings

Note: Joan was originally scored for an orchestra featuring 6 electronic keyboards. If necessary, parts above may be allocated/doubled as follows:
Piano 2/ Electric Piano
Harpsichord/ Harp/ Acoustic Guitar
Keyboard Voice/ Pipe Organ/ Celesta