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Joan - The Musical!
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Want to know more?

For more information about Joan, the CD, perusal material, royalties, availability for performance in your area, or anything else, just click this address to send us mail:

Kierin Murphy Music Theatre

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Kierin Murphy Music Theatre
11 Isaacs Street, Mooroopna
Victoria 3629

Or phone: Australia 613 5825 5082.

It is illegal to mount any performance of JOAN, in part or whole, without the permission of KIERIN MURPHY MUSIC THEATRE.

Copyright and Royalties:

All enquiries regarding performance rights should be made to KIERIN MURPHY MUSIC THEATRE.

Royalties: 12% of gross ticket sales, minimum of $150 (Aust) per performance

Available for purchase: Script, Conductor's Score, Vocal score, Orchestral Parts, (All Spiral Bound), and CD

For full cast performance purposes you are required to purchase at least 20 scripts and vocal scores. Alternatively you may choose to pay a one off photocopy fee of Aust.$200., which allows you to photocopy from a single master as many duplicates as needed for your rehearsals.

This permission does not extend to the conductor's score.

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