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Joan - The Musical!


Joan: Female 16-18 (Soprano)
Charles (The Dauphin, later CharlesVII): Male 20s (Tenor)
Cauchon (Bishop, chaired Joan's trial): Male late 30s+ (Tenor)

Significant Supporting Roles:

Marie (Charles' wife, later queen): Female 20s (Alto)
Gascon (one of Charles' senior advisors: Male 40-50s (Not a Soloist)
Regnault (Charles' Chancellor & Archbishop of Reims): Male 40-50s (Not a Soloist)
Dunois (Lord of Orleans): Male 30-40 (Bass)
Gillies (Fop - comic character): Male 20s- 90s (Tenor)
Polly (Soldier-Joan's first convert): Male 20s (Tenor)
Isabella (Charles' mother & mistress of Duke of Burgundy): Female 40s (Soprano)
Bedford (English Regent for France): Male 30s-40s (Tenor)
Pole (English commander; character role): Male 40s+ (Not a Soloist)
d'Estivet (Inquisitor): Male Middle-aged (No specific range required)

Minor Supporting Roles:

Jacques d'Arc (Joan's father): Male 30s - 40s (Not a Soloist)
Isabelle (Joan's mother): Female 30s - 40s (Alto)
Le Hire (French Commander): Male Middle-aged (Not a Soloist)

"Bit" Parts:

Catherine (Dunois' mistress): Female 20s
Soldiers (Sc.1)
Village Girls (Sc.1): (3 x small solos)
Courtier (Sc.2)
Footmen (Various)
Monks (Inquisition)
Br. Martin
Cantors (Coronation): (2 solos - ideally boy sopranos)

Dancers and Chorus Groups:

Chesspieces/Soldiers (Dancers): 16-32
Children's Ballet (Joan's Prayer): 6-12
Ladies of the Court

A significant number of the roles - male, in particular - can be doubled (or tripled!) if required.
e.g. Jacques/Dunois/Executioner or Soldier(Sc.1)/Gillies/d'Estivet